Bapak Subuh

The inspiration for much of our work stems from the advice and guidance of Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, the founder of the World Subud Association, an Indonesian visionary who saw potential for the betterment of mankind through human-centred development in Central Kalimantan.

Board Members

Our Board Members actively apply their great wealth of experience and expertise towards guiding our foundation to achieve success and sustainable positive impact. With their diverse professional backgrounds and strategic insights into human-centred development, they play a crucial role in maintaining our vision through effective governance.

Staff & Teams

Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to serve our target communities. With their wide-ranging knowledge and expertise, our teams will always collaborate to provide exceptional programs, resources, and assistance. Working together, we are constantly striving to create a nurturing environment for sustainable community development.

Job Vacancies

Join our development team and make a difference at YTS. Explore job vacancies here to find an opportunity that might match with your skill-set. Apply for a position that will allow you to contribute towards sustainable development through our humanitarian efforts. Let’s all work together to create a lasting and beneficial impact on society.