YTS has implemented a substantial number of projects in various parts of Indonesia, through working partnerships with a variety of renowned international funding bodies and development organisations, as well as with large-scale mining companies, national and subnational government, other NGO’s, academia, and more. Our current projects include:

The Kahayan-Katingan Project

This community development program takes environmental, social, and governance approaches to enhancing outcomes for mining-affected communities. In all, YTS serves 33 villages in the Kahayan-Katingan region. Improving the quality of village, district, and regency level governance is a key activity, as well as capacity building in key livelihood areas such as animal husbandry, fish farming and rubber cultivation. To date, more than six million dollars has been spent on this program. 

The Bukit Batu Project

This community development project seeks to improve the welfare of farmer households in Bukit Batu subdistrict through local business development in agriculture and aquaculture, and by assisting small farmers to improve their level of local food production so that around 2,781 households can benefit from enhanced local production of semi-organic vegetables, fresh fish from fish ponds, and processed fish products being sold into local markets.

ASGM Projects

YTS has been a national leader in awareness raising around reducing the use of mercury in artisanal and small scale gold mining (ASGM) in Indonesia since 2006 when the foundation implemented the Kalimantan chapter of the UNIDO Global Mercury Project. In all, YTS has conducted a large number of ASGM projects in partnership with a very wide variety of international donor agencies including: The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation; The Blacksmith Institute/Pure Earth; The Global Alliance for Health & Pollution; The United Nations Environment Progamme; The Canadian Government; The United Nations Development Programme; and others.

Other Projects

In addition to the above, YTS has engaged in a number of research-for-development projects seeking sustainable and equitable outcomes within the forestry and land use sector and the minerals development sector. Our current research projects, plus our educational scholarship program for disadvantaged children, are featured here.

For more details about our past and previous research projects, sustainable development projects and community development projects, please see the project reports, videos, and training materials in our resources section.