Where We Work

Central Kalimantan

In Central Kalimantan, YTS is bringing together a partnership of interested parties – government, civil society, businesses, and funding agencies – who are interested in working together to build an integrated platform for regional development in the upriver regions of the province.

Gunung Mas

In Gunung Mas Regency, YTS works mainly with indigenous Dayak communities that live along the upper Kahayan river. The foundation was established in cooperation with members of these upriver villages, and has been working to serve their needs and interests since 1997. The foundation currently assists 24 villages in Gunung Mas regency.


In Katingan Regency, we work to support a variety of mixed communities, both indigenous and immigrant, that live along the upper Katingan river. Here, the foundation currently assists 9 villages as part of the CSR activity program for the minerals exploration company, PT Kalimantan Surya Kencana.

Bukit Batu

YTS also works with 7 peri-urban communities in Bukit Batu, a municipal subdistrict of the provincial capital of Palangkaraya. Here, we have been running a sustainable livelihoods program with local farmer’s groups for over a decade, to support a variety of economic livelihood activities such as aquaculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, honey and rubber production.